The breakup letter.


To : BoyFriend.

Subject : Let’s just break up.

Dear BoyFriend,

Yes. You read the subject right. Let’s just break up.

You don’t have to pretend anymore that how much you love me! I have never asked you how much.

You don’t have to talk to me to sleep anymore. You spoiled me! I had music with me before.

You don’t have to take me shopping anymore. I have me.

I don’t know what love is. If love makes one feel better, then yes you were love. The way you made me feel special, like an angel, the way you made me laugh with your intelligent jokes, the way you supported me to one day make my own company and much more did make me feel good. I didn’t know what it was. One day, you just bluntly said that you love me, I didn’t know what love was even then. I said you the same thing then,

“I don’t know what love is, if this is love then I love you too.”

No. After that, it was nothing called magic. Even then you were a mentalist for me. I got busy with work, you got busy with studies. I got busy with my company, you got busy with your work. Even then all was fine. When my company grew bigger you offered to join me. I was glad to have a life partner as a business partner too. With our success, I was high. I wanted to share my highness with you. I wanted to just be happy with you. Yes. I took care that there be no inferior or superiority complexion between us. I was that stupid, crazy, mad girl with you. Still you felt weird with me.

When you were in trouble, I genuinely wanted to help you. Not to show off that I earn more than you! Don’t you get that damn it. Have you lost your mind? I mean, when on earth did I behave with you in that way that I am embarrassed to be with you!

We did make a perfect pair. But, there were jealous people around us. And I tried a lot to show you that it is just your friend’s jealousy which is making you insecure. He is making you blind of some important things that you are missing out to see. Now that I am tired, I want to sleep peacefully at night. Listening to beautiful music, like I used to. So let’s just break up and finish this up. Let me sleep with a smile again.

Take care,


He writes to her…


I am writing this when you are on hospital bed. When doctors are trying hard to save you. I am very angry with you. Ending life is not a solution. You are surrounded by so many monitors monitoring your condition. And now I am fighting with god. I reminded him that, You are the one with whom my starts and my day ends. It is because of you I can smile over the pains. From you I learnt to just get over it. Hey wait, these are not any reasons why I love you. In fact, there is no reason behind it. I just love you. And I promise, to never leave you alone like your friends at school did, never ignore you like your parents did and never abandon you like your ex did. Actually, not promise. I am very bad at keeping promises. I will never make you feel unwanted. I learnt from you the respect women do not get which they deserve. From you I learnt what a dance with loved one is. With you, I am the best singer for my mom. You showed me what life is. You made me realize, that I too am something. You helped me create my identity. And the endless list goes on.

I know, you love me too. I know, you adore me. I know, deep inside you still love him. Doesn’t matter. All what matters is us. Being selfish now, I want to thank him for leaving you there alone. Which gave me a chance to meet the most beautiful person on earth.

With this I want a lot many things from you. I want you to never loose that beautiful smile of yours. I want you to share anything and everything that troubles you with me. I want to go on regular long drives with you. If ever I forget what I am to you, please remind me. I want you to work, get independent and yeah spend your own money too. I want you to love my mom like I love yours. I want you to respect my dad like I respect yours. I just want to spend a beautiful life with you, which you dream of.

When ever comes a stage where you feel to pretend that you love me, take a break. Don’t just sacrifice your feelings and desires. Marriage is not a race, that we have to reach the finish line. Our happiness is all what matters. I know what it is when you fall out of love. So, just confront me. We will come up with a solution. I just want us to be happy, not to fake the happiness. No, I don’t want us to be known as the ideal couple, and yes we can be one.

Let’s make our life beautiful and give each other a reason to stand up strong.

Lots of Love.