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A Bird in the cage

Posted: June 5, 2017 by Aarzoo in Fiction, Poem
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Bird’s coop by the window
Was making new chatter
The newborn’s cries
Changed the milieu
After waking her master in the dawn
Mother bird flew out
To meet her friends during the day
And returned to her baby by dark
Their owner gave them grains
To survive on.
Baby bird was growing fast.
One day she shared her desire
“I want to fly in the sky”
Mom replied, “My beautiful baby,
Why do you want to fly in the
Sky when you can see it from here?”
“I want to search my own food,
I don’t want to be dependent
On your master”
“Oh baby, this outside world is
Very cruel. You wouldn’t enjoy
Being there. You fly in our cage”
And she ended the conversation.
Baby bird couldn’t tell her mother
How she didn’t like the way
Cage owner and his friends
Played with her, bullied her,
In the ways she didn’t like
When mother was away.
Baby bird did fly out once.
She had to return thinking
Of her mother.
She wanted to fly out
and never return back
But, she wanted her mother to allow her to go
The cage owner didn’t stop, and
Mother didn’t understand her quest.
One fine day, the master sold
The baby bird to don’t know who.
Mother bird couldn’t do anything
To keep her baby with her.
Mother always thought the world
Was cruel for her baby bird.
But she didn’t know
Their cage wasn’t
Compassionate or merciful.

#childabuse and #sexualabuse in home

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Taming the Tyre!

Posted: March 17, 2017 by Aarzoo in Fiction, Poem
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For him Mondays were love.
Not because he didn’t like the Sundays
Filled with fun, games and friends.
Not because he didn’t like the Saturdays
Filled with zero period, cousins and mayhem.
Not because he didn’t like the weekdays
Filled with friends, homework and games.
For him Mondays were love.
Because he loved the game of numbers.
He loved the way he could play with numbers.
He loved the concept of simple interest.
He even lent his pocket money to a gambler
To practically understand the subject.
He loved that he could make so many chairs
From a sheet of wood just like a carpenter.
He loved maths – A game of numbers.
For him Mondays were love.
Monday has two lectures of his fav game.
Today, it was second class of his show;
Today, his fav class didn’t seem same.
His eyes wandered out of the window.
Something was different out of the window.
He saw the beautiful garden of his school;
He saw people working on the new building.
Off Course that new building looked beautiful
With sun glowing on the glittery glass!
Something by the building was more zestful.
He saw a child, few years younger to him,
Playing with a tyre and stick.
Child running behind the rolling tyre,
Holding a stick and hitting the tyre,
Ordering it to keep rolling till that fire.
This child running like a bird,
Kindled a desire to tame a tyre in him.
Interested to know how to tame the tyre
He decided to be friends with the child.
He wanted to run behind the tyre.
He wanted to run on roads like the child.
He wanted to run.
He wanted to just tame the tyre!
The child on the other hand,
Wanted friends of his own age.
Wanted to run in the garden.
Wanted to go to a school.
Wanted to wear a uniform, socks and shoes.
Wanted to learn to read and write.
He didn’t want to just tame the tyre!

What if I told you, I love you?

Posted: November 15, 2016 by Aarzoo in Poem


What if I told you I love you?
Would you cocoon me
In a caring embrace?
Would you let the shrill of silence
Speak for all our words?
Would you let the chaos listen
What we want to?
Would you hold me until dusk
As the sun seeks to the arms of west?
Would you listen to what our words
Doesn’t speak, but shout in tacit?
Would you walk with me miles away
From what you call home?
Would you allow me to sneak into
Your world of words and stories?
Or rather let me just ask
Would you just say
‘I love you as much’ ?


Posted: September 3, 2016 by Aarzoo in Poem
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Fly. Feel the breeze. Feel high.
Fly. Let not fears tie you tight.
Fly. Fall, walk, run. Rise high.
Fly. Let your scars tell your spiel.
Fly. Let your pains cry. Still, fight.
Fly. Sing your song of wisdom. Be wise.
Fly. Swim through sea of emotions. Then fly.
Fly. Drink ecstasy of happiness. Feel high.
Fly. Don’t settle. Go for higher high.
Fly. Fly. Fly.

He was happy. Happy when…

Posted: August 28, 2016 by Aarzoo in Fiction, Poem
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He was happy. Happy when she
Held his hand and walked along
Even when she never wanted
To travel the road he wanted to.
Happy when she made him smile.
Smiling with her eyes, hiding her tears
She made him smile.

He was happy. Happy when she
Would lean on him. Her strongest support.
Knowing the strength she gets from him.
Happy when she would sing him
A lullaby. As beautiful as his dreams.

He was happy. Happy when his bad
Culinary skills too, made her smile.
For her, his efforts were what mattered.
Happy when he realized that her
Paradise is his strong and warm arms.
Where she always felt safe and secure.

He was happy. Happy when she was
Learning new things. Even just for his sake.
He loved her efforts to make them strong.
Happy when she would expect him to
Run with her at serene dawn. When he
Is lost in slumber. He loved to run. For her.

He was happy. Happy when she would
Just let him be that small kid all over again.
He knows she hates kids. Still, she loved it.
Happy when the child in her took
A new birth with the child in him.

He was happy. Happy when he knew that
She loved him. More than he loved himself.
Happy when he too loved her. Just the way
He did. He was happy…

New Addiction

Posted: July 25, 2016 by Aarzoo in Fiction, Musings, Poem
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And finally I realize that
I need to find
A new addiction.
It is your absence that is disturbing
Otherwise, you are the addiction
I cherish.
Your presence just gives me
The reason to forget all the worries.
Absence takes it all.
Of course not. I am not complaining.
In fact, I am happy.
For your new developments.
But then,
I am so used to staying
Happy for a reason
But now even a happy morning
Is gloomy without you.
I need to find a new addiction.
But, hey! No other addiction
Makes me happy.
So, I just need to learn
To be happy without a reason
To live with your absence
But then, I need a new addiction.
An addiction which would never leave.
And you know what?
It would be no one else.
But you.

Picture source  :  self clicked

When a leaf fell in love, again.

Posted: June 3, 2016 by Aarzoo in Poem
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falling leaves

Today morning after many days I saw her bright and happy.
Oh, she was not because of me. I got soppy.
I so wish that the cool breeze was me.
Hey, but she loved me the way I do at one point of time.
Today she looked as beautiful as that day. Just sublime.
She is dying, the cool breeze is dying.
Her last moments be the happiest is all I want.
And only I can do that. By letting her go.
All I want to see is the pale dull leaf dying with a bright smile.
I loosened my hold on her when I saw the breeze far by a mile,
Telling her
“Honey. your bright smile is all that matters to me”
I could see her more than happy.
When the cool breeze arrived,
The leaf kissed the breeze like it was her last kiss.
And the breeze carried the love of his life with him.
To infinity. No one knew where they disappeared after their death.

અને એ ઉડી ગયો

Posted: August 5, 2015 by Aarzoo in Poem

ખુશ હતો એ ત્યાં, પણ કઇંક ખૂટતુ હતું
મોજ જ મોજ હતી, પણ કંટાળતો.
ખબર નહોતી શું ખૂટે છે;
શોધવા નિકળવું હતું, પણ આ મોજેય નહોતી છોડવી, અને
એ ઉડી ગયો.
શોધવા અધૂરા ટુકડા જીવનના.

ફિકર હતી એનેે સાથીઓની,
એનાથી વધારે ફિકર હતી એ અધૂરા ટુકડીઓની,
સુખ છોડી, દુખ: ને દૂર કરી
એ ઉડી ગયો.

ન હોવા છતાંય, હતા ઘણાં બંધનો,
આ બંધનમાં થોડી મજ્જા એ હતી,
એ મજાના બંધનો તોડ્યા, અને
એ ઉડી ગયો.

ત્યાં પહોચવાની જલદી હતી,
અને ઉડવામાં ધ્યાન હતું, એટલે
એ ઉડી ગયો.
શોધવા અધૂરા ટુકડા જીવનના.