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It is just a dream!

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I saw you in my dream
Oh, you were happy.
I think I had smiled in my sleep 🙂
Seeing you that Happy.
Then I was reminded that,
It is just a dream!
And that smile turned into a frown 😦
For I felt how sad actually you are.
Then, I hugged you tight.
To give you the warmth of my embrace
That is all I had to give you then.
I felt you holding me tighter.
I could feel you getting relieved.
Again I smiled in my sleep 🙂
I saw you happy.
That is all what I wanted to.
Again, the cuckoo in the garden reminded me
It is just a dream.
The smile didn’t turn to a frown this time
For I always thought
Dreams we see during the dawn
Comes true. But still,
How I wish that
I wasn’t just a dream!



Just a two hours of sleep was like hours long sleep. It was a new morning. With this morning Niyati and Yash were going to start a new life. Though both of them didn’t wanted to start it this way, but they wanted to live together.

Yash, Niyati and Nirav got ready by 9 and left for the restaurant nearby for breakfast. The restaurant was almost full still they managed to find an empty table. This place was lively still peaceful. There was some peace in that chaos. The waiter came and asked for their order. And like always, Nirav ordered ‘One kesari bhath and three plates idli’. The waiter went. They spoke nothing. After a while, waiter brought their order, still they spoke nothing. Nirav thanked the waiter.
“Guys, you will get married in a few hours now? You will not die! Cheer up” Nirav tried to cheer up his friends. It was an unsuccessful attempt though.
“What if our parents don’t agree for our marriage? ” Niyati looking at nothing in the kesari bhath’s plate asked them.
“They will agree. I am sure. You both are their only children. They would not talk for a few days maybe. But eventually they will agree. I am sure.” Nirav assured them.
“And what if they decide to not to allow us as a part of their old age?” This time Yash was unsure about the outcome of their marriage.

“I am sorry Yash, I can’t marry you. We can’t leave our parents like this”
“I too can’t marry you Niyati. Not against our parent’s wishes.”
“Guys, they will agree with your marriage. Trust me.”
“No” Both of them said together

Then they returned home and pretended like nothing had happened. The parents never realized what their kids left behind and the kids never realized why they left it all behind.

Ten years ago.

“Mom, I am at Niyati’s place. Nirav and I are learning accounts from her. Shout for me when ever you have to go anywhere.” Yash said to his mom while putting his books in his bag.
“Some day accounts, some day stats. What do you do at college?  The professors there don’t teach you or what?” His mom, Mrs Sanghvi said sarcastically. “Okay, don’t forget to take this puris I made. Niya’s mom loves them.”
“Okay mom.” Yash didn’t bother to answer about the professor story. He just wanted to go to Niyati’s place. The next door. They were neighbours. Just when Yash closed his home door, Nirav came climbing the stairs. Nirav lived in the building next to theirs. Niyati’s mother gave a warm welcome to them. For the next few hours, they had fun more and studied less. This was their daily’s time table. Some  day at Yash’s home, some day at Nirav’s and some day at Niyati’s.

They three, almost grew up together. They were always together. As far as the three were together, nothing else bothered to them. Their families too were best friends. Their fathers went for the morning walk together, their mothers had their evening walk together, shared good recipes and sometimes even problems for which the friends gave solutions. Their neighbours often talked about their friendship and sometimrles envied them too.

Like this only years passed by. From Junior college to under graduation. Then Post graduation. They were together even though their fields being different. Nirav saw some spark between Yash and Niyati. The tuning they both had with each other, the tension Yash had whem Niyati was once ill, the care Niyati takes of Yash. She even knows which accounting theory Yash is weak at. And lot many such things he saw.

He knew his friends never had a love story, they would never understand this love. He will have to be the cupid here. And then, he made their story as a goal. He made them realize this during their first year of postgraduation. They realized and accepted and confessed their love for each other. Till here, it was all very easy. The next step was as difficult. Parents. Yash coming from a gujarati family and Niyati coming from a bengali family, they, inspite of being best of friends, would never accept this marraige. Yash, at first tried speaking indirectly to their parents about getttig them married, both gave the same reply
“We are best friends, great neighbours and they are very good human beings. But turning this beautiful friendship into a relation, that too in a different religion, is not good beta.” They, in their place were right, Yash’s family haven’t even eaten onion, potato and such roots where as Niyati’s family loves fishes. Though they celebrate similar festivals, but ways are different. Yes, if given a try all could be great. Still, Nirav thought something can be done. He still saw Yash and Niyati together as a family. They spent three years like that only.

Nirav became a HR Manager of a big corporate house of Bangalore. Yash became a General Manager of the company. And Niyati became a Senior accountant of another big company. Now it was time when their parents started looking for prospective spouses for them. And, now it was their time to stand for themselves. They said, we want to get married. And then don’t know why, their parents started hating each other. Never spoke to each other infact didn’t allow their kids to meet even. Nirav’s parents too, couldn’t do anything.

They lost hope. For the dream life they were seeing since two years.

અને એ ઉડી ગયો

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ખુશ હતો એ ત્યાં, પણ કઇંક ખૂટતુ હતું
મોજ જ મોજ હતી, પણ કંટાળતો.
ખબર નહોતી શું ખૂટે છે;
શોધવા નિકળવું હતું, પણ આ મોજેય નહોતી છોડવી, અને
એ ઉડી ગયો.
શોધવા અધૂરા ટુકડા જીવનના.

ફિકર હતી એનેે સાથીઓની,
એનાથી વધારે ફિકર હતી એ અધૂરા ટુકડીઓની,
સુખ છોડી, દુખ: ને દૂર કરી
એ ઉડી ગયો.

ન હોવા છતાંય, હતા ઘણાં બંધનો,
આ બંધનમાં થોડી મજ્જા એ હતી,
એ મજાના બંધનો તોડ્યા, અને
એ ઉડી ગયો.

ત્યાં પહોચવાની જલદી હતી,
અને ઉડવામાં ધ્યાન હતું, એટલે
એ ઉડી ગયો.
શોધવા અધૂરા ટુકડા જીવનના.

Her First Love, Cycle.

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Aashini was walking by her fav road near her home. Anytime she felt low, she used walk on the road. Maybe the peace on the road gave her mind that peace. The cool atmosphere even at hot temperature on that road was the best part of it. She loved the song which the leaves of the trees played when wind hit them.
Today, she wasn’t low, she wasn’t sad. She was infact feeling good. Feeling good that her sacrifice of something gave a new ray of hope to some one. Though that sacrifice was not too big. But that was a very important asset she possessed.

A few years ago, when she went to the grocer’s store to buy some things that her mom her asked her to buy from the “chacha’s” store on her fav road. Chacha, as everyone called him used to run the store and his grandson, Chotu used to help him with it. Unlike his name, he wasn’t chotu anymore. He was a highschool student now. He used to go to deliver the goods to some nearby homes. Aashini once saw him carrying those bags to the home at the end of the street. And she thought, if chotu had a cycle it would be easier for him to deliver the goods. So that evening she went up to her mom and said,
“Mom, I want to give my cycle to Chotu. He badly needs it. More than I need. I can walk to my school and classes. They are not very far. And only a few months are left for my school.” She didn’t allow her mom to say ‘but, what about…’.
Her mom was like okay. She was happy. She right at that moment went to give her cycle to Chotu. Chotu was very happy and glad that now he wouldn’t need to walk anymore, carrying heavy bags.

It is almost four years after giving her cycle to Chotu. She was walking on this road after a long time. She missed her cycle very much. Her cycling to school, to classes. She missed those cool breeze and her hair flying when she was cycling. She missed racing with bikers and winning (Bikers used to slow down for her to win). She missed showing off her cycling stunts to her classmates. Inshort she missed her cycle very much.

And just as she was finishing her walk and returning home, she saw a handsome boy riding a white rodeo. She looked behind where the boy went and was curious who the boy was, and saw towards the rodeo, she could see the number plate above the number plate it was written ‘Chotu’.

Anger, Guitar and Love

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As the clock struck Five in the evening Sahana started preparing to pack up and leave for home as she does every day. Just as she was switching of the computer she received a mail from her boss. It said “its urgent”.
“Oh no. Again extra time today. I will get late for my walk. Why don’t he understand.” She said herself. Actually she is not worried about missing her walk or being late for the evening walk. She is upset to miss the beautiful scene by the riverfront at exactly 6.30 PM, she is upset to miss the cool breeze, she is upset to missing watching the sun go home, she is upset to miss the practise session of ‘Guitar Boys’ at that time. And today she was going to talk to them about their gang and how she loves listening to them practising. She had to complete her that urgent work and give it to her boss.
And when was submitting, the boss said,

“Oh Sahana, you could give me this tomorrow during noon. It was not very urgent!  But now that it is done, I will send this to the editorial now only. Thanks.” Her boss loved to see her in anger. That work was important, but he wanted to see her angry and get her cool the next day. He liked to get her anger down and that smile on her face after vanished anger.
Sahana left her boss’s cabin without saying anything. Angrily. She then rushed to the river front directly from her office unlike everyday when she used go home first and then the river front.
Some how today, she didn’t wanted to miss the ‘Guitar Boys’. She was late today. She had missed everything what she didn’t want to except for the ‘Guitar Boys’. They were still there practising. Infact today, it seemed like they were waiting for someone. She was glad that she didn’t miss their songs today. She went closer to them and asked

“How come you guys are still practising here?  You guys leave usually by this time, if I am not wrong. ” She didn’t wanted to sound lame.
“Yes. We leave usually by this time. But we were waiting for our fan who enjoys our practise and do not like to miss it” said one of the four handsome boys.
She was quite surprise and was wondering whom were they talking about.
“Don’t think so much young lady. We were waiting for you! ”
“What?  You were waiting for me? ” Sahana was so happy to know that.
“Yes. One of our friends said us that you are our big fan and enjoy us practising here. And we noticed  you since last week after we got to know about it. And today he asked us to stay back. So here we are.”
“And who is that friend?”
“That’s a secret.”
“Okay, tell us which song you want to listen?” Asked one of the boys.
Sahana didn’t know what to do, so she said,
“Thank you very much guys. For staying back for me. I heard your one song while coming .. that is enough for me.”
“As you wish. And we hear that you write nice poems. We would love if you could write a song for our band.”
“I would love to write one. Will give you once I am done. Thank you guys. Good night.”
She wanted to end it short. Because her mind was busy thinking who can that ‘friend’ be.
And soon she recieved a text from her boss. It said

“Hope you didn’t miss the practise session of your fav ‘Guitar Boys’. “


“Kabir…” She wished Kabir hadn’t heard their conversation. Because she had decided that she would say him all about her illness that night after his convocation on the way to home while returning. Fortunately or unfortunately, he seemed like he didn’t hear anything.

“Di, I called you so many times… You aren’t receiving anyone’s call. I got worried.” Kabir didn’t see Varun there first.
“Oh shitt.. We completely forgot about the programme we are here to attend. We were so lost in our talks. Btw, Kabir, this is Varun.”
“Oh.. Hie Varun bhaiya. I didn’t notice you. Mahi was searching for you too.”
“You know him ?”
“Yeah Di… Varun bhaiya is Mahi’s elder brother. I was going to introduce you to him :P.. Seems like you have met already.”
“Oh ya.? You didn’t say me anything about him before…”
“All that explanation later. First I am getting late for my programme and are you guys coming ?”
“You go ahead. We’ll come soon.” Sneha said. Kabir understood it was a sign for him to leave and disappear as fast as possible and as there was still some time for the programme to start, he didn’t insist them to come soon.
“You are The Sneha about whom Mahi keeps talking all day?” Varun, quite surprised and quite shocked to know that world is indeed a small place asked as soon as Kabir left.
“What do you mean by ‘The’ ? And she keeps talking about me all day?” Sneha too was surprised that Varun was Mahi’s brother. She didn’t knew Mahi had a brother. But now she was feeling glad after knowing it.
“Yes. She has been talking about you since a week. And by her talks, I badly wanted to meet you. I had never thought we would meet like this.
Does Kabir know about your cancer?”
“No. I tried a lot many times to tell him, but couldn’t. I will tell him tonight. After the programme.”
“I hope he can handle it.”
“I would like to know what Mahi used to talk about me…” It was like Sneha at that moment didn’t want to talk about her cancer anymore.
“Some other time. Btw, I want to know whether you are planning to sit here and chat all night or would like to go and see our siblings’ programme. I want to see my sister on stage. She is getting the Best student of the year award.”
“Oh is it? Come then lets get in and see them on stage.”
“Yes. Come on in.” And as they started to walk towards the auditorium, Sneha lost her balance and held Varun’s hand to balance. Suddenly she lost her consciousness and her grip on hold was getting loose. Varun held her and gave her his support and didn’t let her fall. Took her to the nearest stairs for her to sit.
“Sneha, are you ok?” She couldn’t even speak. Varun thought it must some side effects of her cancer. He was patting her cheeks and she laid there unconscious. He didn’t know what to do. And it struck him that the Chief guest at the event was a very celebrated and a good doctor. He called the principal and asked about the doctor. Meanwhile, Kabir comes to check out for his sister. He sees Sneha and somewhat understands what has happened to his sister. So, he calls the doctor whose name and number he had seen on the file in her room of which he had clicked a photo of the file.

“I have called Dr. Avasthi, one of the best oncologists in town. He is on his way. And the coincidence is he is the chief guest for today’s event.” Informed Kabir.
“Why a oncologist Kabir?” The Principal asked him. He knew Kabir personally and was one of his fav students. Kabir too respected him. The principal was his friend more than his mentor.
“My sister has cancer sir. I don’t know what, when how and why? I sneaked in her room today and found out the reason behind her tension and sadness.”
Varun was shocked by the strength Kabir had. He respected by the way Kabir reacted to the situation. He held his arm, and hugged him. Kabir, almost started crying. Varun could feel his tears falling on his shirt. On the other hand Mahi was waiting for Kabir to return as the programme was about to begin and he was supposed to do the welcome speech. The principal says to Kabir,

“Kabir, the programme is about to begin. You were going to make the welcome speech. Will you do it or should I say someone else?”
“I don’t want to leave my sister alone.”
“Kabir, I am there with your sister. And the doctor would be coming any moment. You go ahead with your programme.” Varun said. Kabir had to agree as he had the responsibility to welcome the guests too. And so he goes to the auditorium and the principal walked behind him confirming Varun’s presence with Sneha.

And the doctor arrived soon, with an ambulance behind. He checked her and made necessary calls at the hospital and made arrangements there for her treatment. He said Varun that he will come as soon as he can leave the event. Varun went with Sneha in the ambulance. He texted Kabir that they are at the hospital. They very soon reached the hospital and they hospital people were waiting for them. And immediately started the treatment. Treatment happened for not longer than thirty minutes. Varun was in a mixed feelings while those thirty minutes. He just wanted to see her, talk to her.
Varun suddenly wanted to rob all her pain and leave her with happiness and glory.

After the treatment, Sneha was shifted in another room where she was still unconscious. The room was cool, pleasant and silent. He sat on the stool next to the patient’s bed and held unconscious Sneha’s hand and as if she was listening, he started saying her.
“Sneha, I don’t know if you are listening to me. I want to take care of you, want to see you happy every day, want to share your worries and give you all my happiness. I want to take care of Kabir as my own brother. I want to make your last phase of life beautiful. I know this might sound crazy, but I am in love with you. I love you before I met you, from the stories what Mahi used to say everyday, I love you since the first time I saw you, I know you were not smiling then, I loved you more when we were in the church. I love you. And I want to keep loving you, till your last breathe.”
Varun didn’t know whether Sneha had heard this all, but he knew some how she would know what he feels.
Sneha suddenly opened her eyes and saw Varun holding her hands and sitting besides her. She saw around to figure out where she was, she found the room some what like she had visited the place earlier. It took no time for her to realize that she was in the hospital where she was being treated. She was wondering how did anyone get to know that she was being treated here.
“Kabir?” Is all she could ask. She tried to get up.
“Ssshhh… you have to take rest.” And he made her lie again.
“How come I am here?”
“Kabir knows about your cancer. He said he got to know about it today morning. And he only called Dr Avasthi and them we are here. He will be soon here.”
“Varun… If anything happens to me, will you take care of Kabir?”
“Sneha… I will. I want to take care of you too.” He didn’t know whether Sneha has heard it all what he just said a few minutes ago, “Sneha,” he held her hand again, “I want to take care of you, see you happy. I love you.” He said it again in short. Sneha had heard it all. “I wish I could love you too Varun.”
“You don’t have to love me back Sneha. I love you and that is what I care about.”

And just then Kabir came in running. Sneha got up and Kabir hugged her. Like he had seen her after years.
“Di, I can understand why you didn’t say me anything about your cancer. Know I am with you. I will not allow anything to happen to you.”
Sneha didn’t speak anything. Kabir felt her weight on his shoulders. He couldn’t anything.

All he could do was make her sleep again and closed her eyes. Varun kept his hand on Kabir’s shoulders and Kabir hugged him. He stayed that way till he do not know when.

cup of chai

After a three hour long meeting, tired Karthik checked his phone. No missed calls and no messages from Kriti. He was not surprised though. It was 5 in the evening already. And wasn’t sure about evening’s plan. It was his Birthday, and Kriti hasn’t called or texted him at least wishing a birthday. So many had called and messaged him, but Kriti not wishing him was like, no one had wished him a Birthday! Call him stupid, but Birthdays are very special for him even today after spending almost 3 decades on earth.

Almost upset Karthik decides to keep a low profile that evening. Plans to spend his day with himself. Switches off his phone and goes on a long drive. Takes an early off from work. And prepares to leave. Takes his key and gets into the Red Polo. He could smell her in the car. Feel her presence in there. He looked behind to find the car empty. He was alone there. He found a note on the behind seat. It said 10 PM, The Beach Restaurant. He wondered how come late night dinner. She usually haves her dinner early ! So she will be having her dinner late? So almost four hours more for the dinner treat. He thought of his old plan. Long Solitary Drive.

He drove towards his favorite road in the city and almost empty part the city had with lots of trees and peace. With moving away from city he was revisiting the past. Saw glimpses of the time back from when he first met Kriti to today. He still remembers the tension on her face when he first saw her.
It was her first day at office and she had messed up the system work unknowingly. And he was the IT man at the department. And the mess was just a silly mistake he corrected it. And asked her to calm down. It was nothing to worry. She was still tensed. And there was a call for him, so he left immediately after completing his job there. And the busy day made him forget about her. He didn’t even know his name then. And today he knows her more than herself. That week he completely forgot about her.
One day they clashed each other while entering the lift. And then he took the opportunity and asked her about her work and if she is enjoying there or not. She was soft spoken, courageous and sincere. Her accounts department was jealous of her by the good shots she received from her boss and other seniors. He had heard it all from his co workers.
Though he met her for the first time after last week it felt like he know her since long. And the busy schedule of him made it difficult for him to think about her. They’d meet at the office corridor almost everyday and Hi-Hello happened. It was Friday, he remembers this day because he was planning to watch Fast and Furious 6 released that day, she texted him asking for a cup of ‘chai’. Offcourse, he quit his movie and went for the cup of ‘chai’ with her. They had many cups of chai together. After work, during work. These cups of chai then transformed into their life line. One cup of chai with her was all he wanted. That became a very important part of his days.
And he was seeing the glimpses of their time together, his struggle at job, her struggle with situations, every thing. It was like last few years was going like a movie.

He was driving and driving. Talked to self a lot.and he realized that it is already nine and he have to leave for the restaurant. Thinking what Kriti might have planned for him. He made a few guesses like, she might have ordered my fav food, she might have skipped her early dinner only to have dinner with me, she might have sneaked in some beer, etc etc. And while guessing he reached the restaurant. He felt like he reached very soon. He was getting mad to meet her. He wanted to her to wish him, wanted to hug her and tell her how much he loves her.

The restaurant was not as its name on the beach. It is named as a beach because of its ambience. It is like one is on the beach itself. Sounds of waves, chilled and sunny. The smell of beach mud. Salty air. 3D videos of waves. It is like you are watching the beach right in front of you. This was Karthik’s fav place because of the beach. He loved to watch the waves. The way they come and go. He could spend hours just sitting there. Though it was night, it was like a day inside the restaurant. As he entered, the smell of the beach, the noise of the waves filled his heart. He thanks Kriti for this. As he reaches the reception, the manager takes him to the special table Kriti has arranged for them. He cannot see her anywhere around. The manager goes. As he leaves, he hears Kritis voice. Like along with the waves.

She says “ Karthik, I still remember the first day we met at office. My tension and your calmness. Your that calmness gave me strength. Strength to handle work stress. And then Our first Tea date. I remember each and every moment spent with you. The changes we got in each other because of us. I know you never liked tea at all. And now without our cup of chai, your day is incomplete.” Saying all this, she comes in front of him. Now, she is not speaking, her recorded voice is speaking. He hugs her while her voice is speaking and revisiting the days he just saw during the drive. After her voice finishes speaking she says, Happy Birthday Karthik. He is still hugging her. He says thank you very much.
They start for the dinner.
And as he had guessed, his fav food is ordered, there is beer and she is has skipped her early dinner.
In the end, the Ice cream comes. In his bowl, on the Ice cream, there was a replica of a ring. He didn’t expect this. Kriti goes on her knees while he was sitting,

“Karthik, I want to have our cup of chai everyday in the early morning too. I want to share all my things, my time, my life, my everything with you. I want to live my life with you. Do you ?”

Karthik was surprised as usually boys go on knees and plan such surprises, but it a contradict scene here. She is on knees. He wanted to propose her since a few weeks, but never knew how. He is still lost.
“Karthik, say something soon… My knees are hurting.”
He gets up and pulls her up and hugs her tightly. Very tightly.
“Do I take it as a yes?”
“I love you Karthik.”
“I love you as much Kriti.”

Will you have a cup of chai with me ?

Love, By Chance??? (Episode 5)

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He slipped into the past. A few months ago.

Few months ago.

Vineet was in his cabin just then Taruni entered and reminded him about his meeting with a client that evening.
“Oh Thanks to remind me about the meeting Taruni. I had completely forgotten about it.”
“It is my work sir.”
“Taruni, send me the details of the meeting. And confirm the meeting with the client.”
“The details are in this file. And I will confirm the meeting.”
And she left the cabin.

His cabin was not very big. A not very small room, with bright colours on the walls and some beautiful pictures along with photos of his beautiful moments. His table had his computer, some files, a landline phone and a photo frame with a photo of him and his dad. This photo was very special for him. Whenever he looked at it, he felt happy. How ever confused he was, that photo made him feel relaxed and got a solution very soon.

As the door got closed, the message tone of his phone rang. He assumed it must be Shreya. And so he looked at his phone, and it was her.

‘Hey, I am confused with this mauve and violet colour for  Salon. Please help.’
‘Umm…they are too mainstream. Why don’t you try with olive green or turpentine!’
‘Mm.. okay.. talk to you in the evening.’
He knew that his reply is not awaited now, so didn’t reply and got back to his work.

It was almost a year since they were chatting.They never met each other, inspite of living in the same town, never exchanged numbers and never saw each other’s pic. Still, they knew when the other is sad or happy, knew their strengths and weakness, almost filled the emptiness in each other’s life. They both had the solution for the confusion the other had. It was very difficult for Vineet to spend a day without having chatted with Shreya. He was loving her. Before Shreya, he just lived. And with Shreya, he felt that he can be happy too.
That day passed just like every day. They usually chatted for long at night after dinner while chilling. That day also he was waiting for her to reply for his ‘Hi’.
And she replied not after a very long time.

‘Hello Buddy. How was your day?  Mine was awesome.’
‘Heyyo. Mine was great too.’
‘That’s nice.’
‘I missed you today very much.’
‘I didn’t get any hiccups but! :P’
‘Oh com’on.’
‘Ohhkay.. Jokes apart. Let me remind you, I am going on India tour tomorrow. Will roam around the country for a month.’
‘Ohh.. I forgot about it’
‘I am there na to remind 😉 ‘
‘Yeah. You will not allow me to forget! :D’
‘More important thing, I will miss you. Our long chats. I will miss you very much…’
‘I will miss you too re.’
‘Vineet, before I go, I want to say you something.’
‘I too want to say you a very important thing. But, first you say.’
I Love you. I Love you very much.
That’s it.’
‘Your habit of stealing my words is going strong ha. Stole my words again. I Love you as much. I feel happy with you. And want to grow old with you, Shreya.’
‘If we were together I would have hugged you Vineet.’
‘So what if we aren’t together. Just close your eyes and imagine that you are in my arms and my arms wrapped around you.’
‘I Love you ssooo much. I wish I could kiss you too.’
‘Imagine, I pulled you closer to me. Rested my head on yours. Omg, Shreya why are you breathing so loudly?’
‘Hehe. Suddenly you pulled me, so …’
‘Hahahaa.. okay.. Now am holding your face closer to mine. And kissed your forehead. I Love you Shreya.’
‘I Love you too Vineet. And now am hugging you.’
‘Tight in my arms.’
‘And kissing your chest through your shirt. Just where your heart beats and shouts my name.’
‘ 🙂  ‘
‘ I got to sleep now. This is my best night Vineet.’
‘Mine too. Sleep tight. Take care.’
‘Take care.’

The next morning Shreya went for her month long tour. During which they chatted often. And he missed her very very much. After she returned she badly wanted to meet him. One day she asked
‘Vineet, can we meet? ‘
‘Of Course we can. But I want our first meet to be the most memorable one.’
‘We’ll meet that only will make it the most memorable one.’
‘Still yar..’
‘Umm.. okayy. Lets plan a coincidence! ‘
‘Plan a coincidence?’
‘Yeah. Some coffee shop or a place we accidently meet!’
‘And act like strangers. Just like we don’t know each other and fall in love once again!’
‘Great Idea. So where will we meet?’
‘You say.’
‘Umm.. The Chocolate cafe? At Prahladnagar? ‘
‘Sure. When? ‘
‘Will text you in the morning.’
Bye. Take care.’

And then one morning he texted her. Lets meet today evening. She said sure. She would be working on her laptop, she said.

Then he realized, he hadn’t replied to Shreya. He texted her,

‘My dad wants you to be his daughter-in-law. Will you be? ‘