Thanks for the dispirin

**// Read this prequel post to this before you read further. .//**

A call on her mobile phone woke her up. Before she could answer, the caller disconnected the call. She didn’t look who the caller was and checked the time first. Seeing 8:00 AM she forgot her head ache and got up from the bed in the speed of flash. She saw a glass of water, tablets and a note on the bed side table. The note said “Just in case you have a head ache. And it’s a Sunday today, don’t panic ;)”. With a relief she sat on her bed again and took the tablet. She started to recall what all had happened last night. She remembered telling him that she loved him. She even faintly remembers he smiling on silly talks she was doing in her insanity. Her hangover reminded her how many times she had had beer for the last time. She has heard many times from her friends in surprise ‘who gets hangover over beer!’ Well, she does. Every time she has a headache of beer hangover, she tells herself that she wouldn’t drink beer ever again. This time too she was very serious about her ‘ever again’. She very well knew that only this tablet wouldn’t ease her head ache and so she gets up to make her special tea. While making the tea, she was thinking about last night. Yes, she was glad that she said it. She didn’t want to tell him like this, in drunk state. She wanted to remember each and every moment of that love confessing time. But, she was glad she said it, may be she wouldn’t have been able to say it if not the alcohol. She wanted to know what he was thinking about what she said last night. She did have hints that he too loves her, but then second thoughts say that any friend would do those things for her what he did. What if he considers her just as a friend? she thought. The aroma of tea brought her back to tea. Only a tea person would know the effect of tea after a hang over. While drinking the tea, she thought about last night again. She wanted to know what exactly is going on in his mind about them. Finishing her tea, she starts preparing for the day. Just then the landline phone rings, and she knew that it was him. She thought of asking him right away. His voice made her forget all the conversations she had practiced. And all she could do was thank him for the disprin.


It is just a dream!


I saw you in my dream
Oh, you were happy.
I think I had smiled in my sleep 🙂
Seeing you that Happy.
Then I was reminded that,
It is just a dream!
And that smile turned into a frown 😦
For I felt how sad actually you are.
Then, I hugged you tight.
To give you the warmth of my embrace
That is all I had to give you then.
I felt you holding me tighter.
I could feel you getting relieved.
Again I smiled in my sleep 🙂
I saw you happy.
That is all what I wanted to.
Again, the cuckoo in the garden reminded me
It is just a dream.
The smile didn’t turn to a frown this time
For I always thought
Dreams we see during the dawn
Comes true. But still,
How I wish that
I wasn’t just a dream!