What if I told you, I love you?

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What if I told you I love you?
Would you cocoon me
In a caring embrace?
Would you let the shrill of silence
Speak for all our words?
Would you let the chaos listen
What we want to?
Would you hold me until dusk
As the sun seeks to the arms of west?
Would you listen to what our words
Doesn’t speak, but shout in tacit?
Would you walk with me miles away
From what you call home?
Would you allow me to sneak into
Your world of words and stories?
Or rather let me just ask
Would you just say
‘I love you as much’ ?


The Old-man-Friend

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When stars are losing their glitter to the morning sky, there is a star which is adding colours to the sky. Yes, it is only because of the arrival of the sun the stars of the night sky loses their glory. It is like life. We can’t see two different phases or feeling at one same time. When the sun is filling colours to the sky, the colours which inspires many artistes to create something new, the stars hides behind the day sky preparing for new stories to tell in the next phase of night. It is like life. We are always preparing to do well the next day.

One morning, like everyday Bijoy is preparing. Preparing to be healthy and fit. He has been walking since a fortnight. After his walk he spends sometime with a old man, his new friend. The old man was as interesting as a mystery to Bijoy. He listens to the old man’s stories about his young days. He tells the old man his stories. In ten days they knew each other’s life’s almost all the turning points. The old man inspired Bijoy a lot. He became his idol. Not knowing what his name was, what does he do for a living, he still got inspired by him.

Bijoy starts to run one day. He wanted to get a new addiction. And according to him, running is a better addiction to start with. After his run, he reached his daily spot. Actually, their daily spot. He was a few minutes early. He waited for the old man to come from his cycling round. He wanted to ask the old man about his plan to propose the girl he has a crush on since months. He wanted it to be perfect. The old man didn’t turn up today. He was worried. Worried about his health, but he knew no where to ask about him. Blaming the weather and related diseases and hoping his old-man-friend is fine he leaves to start for the day.

The next day Bijoy reaches their spot on the same time. He wants to tell how perfect last evening went. He wants to tell him that his plan was inspired by the way the old man asked his girl out. He wants to tell him about the girl. He wants to thank him to push him to talk to the girl who made him smile for no reason. But, today too the old man didn’t turn up. Bijoy got worried more. He wanted to talk to him badly. Today, he starts his day a bit late. Before that he goes on a hunt to find the old man. But, in vain. He has no clue, nor did find any.

The next day Bijoy reaches their spot early than usual assuming the old man leaving early. Today he wants to tell him about his girl and her late grandpa. How he finds him in her grandpa. He wants to tell him that he would bring her here to meet his friend. He wants to tell him about his promotion. Today, his hunt goes a bit longer. He manages to paint a sketch of him from his memories. Thanks to the painter in the banker.

Days goes by. He still didn’t find a clue about the old man. No one among the morning people there has seen him! No one knew where he came from. The police wouldn’t believe old man’s disappearance as for them, he never appeared! Bijoy still didn’t lose hope of finding him.

One weekend he invites his girlfriend on dinner at his home. He wanted his parents to meet her. Officially. That day, he gives his mom a holiday from kitchen and cooks. Cooks the recipes the old man had shared hoping she would like them. His girlfriend arrives. They sit and chat. She got along well with his parents. That was a positive sign. They sit to have dinner. The chef Bijoy serves the food. Food is delicious. Everyone seems flattered. Bijoy could feel that she loved the food. He thanks his old-man-friend mentally. After a while suddenly Bijoy saw a tear flowing out of her eye. He wanted to ask why, but not in front of his parents. She avoided eye contact since dinner. After dinner, she asked if she could use the wash room. He felt like she wanted to run away. Not from there, from something. Bijoy takes her to his room. She sees the painting of the old man in his room. All she could ask was
Bijoy, when did you meet my grandpa? When did he teach you to cook? How did you know how he proposed my grandma?


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Fly. Feel the breeze. Feel high.
Fly. Let not fears tie you tight.
Fly. Fall, walk, run. Rise high.
Fly. Let your scars tell your spiel.
Fly. Let your pains cry. Still, fight.
Fly. Sing your song of wisdom. Be wise.
Fly. Swim through sea of emotions. Then fly.
Fly. Drink ecstasy of happiness. Feel high.
Fly. Don’t settle. Go for higher high.
Fly. Fly. Fly.

He was happy. Happy when…

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He was happy. Happy when she
Held his hand and walked along
Even when she never wanted
To travel the road he wanted to.
Happy when she made him smile.
Smiling with her eyes, hiding her tears
She made him smile.

He was happy. Happy when she
Would lean on him. Her strongest support.
Knowing the strength she gets from him.
Happy when she would sing him
A lullaby. As beautiful as his dreams.

He was happy. Happy when his bad
Culinary skills too, made her smile.
For her, his efforts were what mattered.
Happy when he realized that her
Paradise is his strong and warm arms.
Where she always felt safe and secure.

He was happy. Happy when she was
Learning new things. Even just for his sake.
He loved her efforts to make them strong.
Happy when she would expect him to
Run with her at serene dawn. When he
Is lost in slumber. He loved to run. For her.

He was happy. Happy when she would
Just let him be that small kid all over again.
He knows she hates kids. Still, she loved it.
Happy when the child in her took
A new birth with the child in him.

He was happy. Happy when he knew that
She loved him. More than he loved himself.
Happy when he too loved her. Just the way
He did. He was happy…

New Addiction

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And finally I realize that
I need to find
A new addiction.
It is your absence that is disturbing
Otherwise, you are the addiction
I cherish.
Your presence just gives me
The reason to forget all the worries.
Absence takes it all.
Of course not. I am not complaining.
In fact, I am happy.
For your new developments.
But then,
I am so used to staying
Happy for a reason
But now even a happy morning
Is gloomy without you.
I need to find a new addiction.
But, hey! No other addiction
Makes me happy.
So, I just need to learn
To be happy without a reason
To live with your absence
But then, I need a new addiction.
An addiction which would never leave.
And you know what?
It would be no one else.
But you.

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Betrayal (episode 3)

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Thiya was driving through these roads after years. Though she was tired by the five-hour long drive, the memories of her childhood and her parents made her fresh. Even after being there after ten long years, she remembered each and every part of the town. Town was transforming into a city now. Before visiting Mr Roy, she headed towards her home. She wanted to spend some time with her parents before surprising her uncle.

*A few months ago*

After switching off the phone Zahir was thinking about his encounter with Thee.
‘I never thought I would ever see her again. It has been more than a year, I have been looking for her. But, why was she looking at me like she was a stranger? She was pretending to not know me or what?’ He spoke to himself. Zahir ran out to find her and get answers to his new questions.

The scene at the parking shocked him.Thiya was fighting a group of five men. They might have tried to do don’t know what. The scene was just like an action movie scene. Like the hero fighting the few goons all at once. He helped her fight the goons. She didn’t realize until when she accidentally hit him while beating the last goon.
“What are you doing here? ” She asked kicking that goon away.
“Getting beaten by you for helping you fight the
goons” he said filled with sarcasm.
“Very funny”
“Yeah. it is. Anyways, who were they?”
“Goons, trying to take advantage of an alone girl at a lonely place! who else. Thanks for showing up.”
“Pleasure is all mine.”
“Hey, I hit you so bad, it is bleeding. Wait.” She opened her purse and removed the cotton and a cream to wipe the blood.
“Hey, I am fine. It doesn’t hurt. Let me drop you home first.” He said while she was preparing the cotton.
“Nothing is fine if too much of blood is flowing. Let me first clean it to see whether it is a deep cut or not. I just hope it is not.” She made him sit on the bench there. “Okay, it might burn a bit. But, you will be fine.” “I am fine Thee.” She started wiping and cleaned the wound. ” And .. here you go. Done.” She said while sticking the band aide.
“Thank you.” She just smiled at him in a reply.
“Are you a doctor or something? ”
“Well, I am no doctor. I just have a lot of experience of cleansing wounds of my own like this.”
“That is why your purse has the first aide box rather than the make up box! ”
She just nodded
“I am a big fan of Sherlock Holmes. Now, let me drop you home.”
“Come, let’s walk.” They were walking in awkward silence.
‘I don’t know why Mr Roy asked me to protect her from his anticipated attacks. I mean, she is a good fighter!’ Zahir thought.
“So, Kalarippayattu ha? I must say, you are a very good fighter” He asked to initiate the conversation.
“Yeah. How do you know it? Very few know about it” She was surprised.
“Don’t get me wrong Thee… Don’t you remember the Kalari School days? The time we spent together there ?”
“Which School? I have heard this name for the first time.”


When Zahir asked her about the Kalari school days, Thiya felt like she was close to the answers of a big list of questions on her mind during the last year. The three years which she had forgotten completely, what she did during the time, how she knows this martial art, who all did she meet during that time and most importantly the person behind tatoo of ‘Z’ in half heart on her left wrist! She had met with an accident more than a year ago. because of the brain injury, she had no memory of a few years before it. Thanks to Mr Roy, that he was there with her during all the time. And Zahir some what returning to tell her the stories of the time they had spent together, it felt like a zigzaw puzzle almost solved. But then, someone telling Zahir to get revenge of his parent’s death from her, his mysterious locations made her more confused about Zahir.

With all these thoughts, she reached her home. She saw, that she wasn’t the only person visitng her parents that day. She went inside to see who is there. It wasn’t too dark inside. She went to the temple and lighted the lamp in front of her parent’s photo. With the lighting of lamp, someone switched on the lights of the room.

It was Zahir. He was more than happy to see her there.  He squeezed Thiya in a warm tight hug. Confused, Thiya hugged him, smiling and blushing.
“Wish you a very Happy Birthday Thee. I knew you’d atleast remember your last birthday and our deal to your spend every birthday here.”



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It is just a dream!

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I saw you in my dream
Oh, you were happy.
I think I had smiled in my sleep 🙂
Seeing you that Happy.
Then I was reminded that,
It is just a dream!
And that smile turned into a frown 😦
For I felt how sad actually you are.
Then, I hugged you tight.
To give you the warmth of my embrace
That is all I had to give you then.
I felt you holding me tighter.
I could feel you getting relieved.
Again I smiled in my sleep 🙂
I saw you happy.
That is all what I wanted to.
Again, the cuckoo in the garden reminded me
It is just a dream.
The smile didn’t turn to a frown this time
For I always thought
Dreams we see during the dawn
Comes true. But still,
How I wish that
I wasn’t just a dream!

Betrayal (Episode 2)

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“So, you can tell me what is bothering the beautiful lady”
“It is none of your business handsome.” She was rude and blunt to him to show how disinterested she was.
Thiya prepared to leave. As she turned her back to him, he pulled her towards him and hid her in his embrace. She at first struggled to get herself out of the warm and comfort filled embrace, but then his hold was more strong. He started to pat her back, to soothe her. She stopped struggling to feel the comfort. She felt like she knew this embrace. She felt like this man is someone she knew since ages. She felt better now. With this soothing thoughts, she could see flashes of how people she loved, left her, used her, abandoned her. With these flashes with a sudden jerk she pushed him. With this sudden attack he was taken aback. Confused that what happened to her suddenly!
“Don’t ever show me your face again” was all she could say at his face. She left the disc with water filled eyes which never flowed.

After she left, his phone rang. He got irritated on seeing the caller’s name.
“I am close. Don’t call me every freaking hour now” he spoke angrily and switched of the phone without listening to a single word.

Thiya now was now hacking his email account to know with who else he was interacting. Unexpectedly it  was a few second’s game.
She was checking his emails. He has received mails recently from only one email address other than her’s. It was named as Anuj Sharma. She had heard this name. She noted this name on her note pad and started reading the mails. The contents of the mails shocked her. They had all information about her. Like, who she was, where she lives, who is her friend and how rich she is. No one other than one of her parents’ good friends, Mr Roy knew who she actually is. After her parents’ death in an accident Mr Roy had sent her away from the city and didn’t let anyone know where she was and took care of the business empire behind. She was told that it was for safety reasons. This means that this man knew her parents too.

Something caught her eye in the mail
‘Zahir, go get her. Take your revenge. Of your parents’ death.’

She had to find out who this Anuj Sharma is. Who were Zahir’s parents. Why is he relating their death to her? She could get there answers from Mr Roy.

“Wait. Revenge? Is Zahir here for some revenge?
If at all it was revenge, he never harmed me, nor did he even try to take advantage of me!
Why do I have a feeling that Zahir is someone I know already?” She spoke to herself.

She prepared to leave for Kerala. That’s where Zahir was and Mr Roy too.

When a leaf fell in love, again.

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falling leaves

Today morning after many days I saw her bright and happy.
Oh, she was not because of me. I got soppy.
I so wish that the cool breeze was me.
Hey, but she loved me the way I do at one point of time.
Today she looked as beautiful as that day. Just sublime.
She is dying, the cool breeze is dying.
Her last moments be the happiest is all I want.
And only I can do that. By letting her go.
All I want to see is the pale dull leaf dying with a bright smile.
I loosened my hold on her when I saw the breeze far by a mile,
Telling her
“Honey. your bright smile is all that matters to me”
I could see her more than happy.
When the cool breeze arrived,
The leaf kissed the breeze like it was her last kiss.
And the breeze carried the love of his life with him.
To infinity. No one knew where they disappeared after their death.

Betrayal (Episode One)

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Her computer system was her life. Almost every day she fell asleep working on her laptop. Not working actually, learning. Learning new lessons of computer language and hacking, different software and their use.
She came up with a new technique of finding out the location from where the email came from. Though she already new one, she was experimenting another technique where one can find exact location if the sender has sent the mail through series of locations to confuse. For experimenting, she used Zahir’s mail. And when she read the result, she was shocked. Not only shocked but confused, angry, annoyed and had too many questions in her mind.

Few months ago

“I don’t care. All I know is that you are coming. Thiya, please come… this would be last time I would be spending time with all of us together.”

Her friend Tanu, just closed Thiya’s laptop and pulled her out of her room.

“Okay. I am coming now. Stop pulling me like a culprit now.”

After a few minutes, they were at a club. Thiya thanked for the day being a weekday for very few people were there. They were waiting for their other friends to come.
Tanu caught a guy looking at Thiya. She thought of throwing a challenge on her.

“Thee, seeing that man?…” pointing to the guy she said “he has been staring at you since we are here, go and hit on him” she completed winking at her.

Thiya understood her wink. She was challenging her. And Thiya was in no mood to accept the challenge. So, she just continued to drink.

“Where are the others? Don’t tell me you never called them all!” she was getting irritated and Tanu could see it all on her face.

“God, Thee you are so… yeah. I invited no one else.” she gave in.

“We could have beer on our terrace too yar… let’s go now, I am feeling suffocated”

Before could Tanu say anything, that handsome guy came to them.

“Mind me buying beer for the beautiful ladies here?” he asked.

“Thank you Mr. Let-me-buy-you-a-drink, but we are leaving…” facing towards Tanu, “Lets g…” she didn’t find Tanu there.

“Your friend left you alone. Want me to drop you back ?”
She cursed Tanu for doing such stupidity.

“No, thanks. I can go by myself.”

“That’s rude.”
“I know”

“Btw, why are your tears not coming out of your eyes?”
“Because they aren’t tears!”
He rubbed his finger near her eye to take the drop of the water from her eye.

“This is a tear. C’mon Thee, you can count on a stranger for the story behind this” she became a bit acceptive.

“It is Thiya. Only my friend can call me Thee.”

“I am Zahir. Pleased to meet you Thiya.”


Thiya was in mixed feelings. She didn’t believe what the screen showed. But then, her technique had no way to show a different location.

‘He told me he was in Delhi for some work. And the location shows somewhere in Kerala’

She changed a few commands and tried again. It showed the same location. She then checked all the emails he sent her. They were all from different places all over India. While during all the time, he claimed to be in Indore.

She then checked the locations with the old technique and they all showed Indore!

She now felt glad that she never told him about her working with the hacker’s team. Now, all she wanted to know is who is he if he is not what he claims to be and why is he playing this love game with her.


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