The Old-man-Friend


When stars are losing their glitter to the morning sky, there is a star which is adding colours to the sky. Yes, it is only because of the arrival of the sun the stars of the night sky loses their glory. It is like life. We can’t see two different phases or feeling at one same time. When the sun is filling colours to the sky, the colours which inspires many artistes to create something new, the stars hides behind the day sky preparing for new stories to tell in the next phase of night. It is like life. We are always preparing to do well the next day.

One morning, like everyday Bijoy is preparing. Preparing to be healthy and fit. He has been walking since a fortnight. After his walk he spends sometime with a old man, his new friend. The old man was as interesting as a mystery to Bijoy. He listens to the old man’s stories about his young days. He tells the old man his stories. In ten days they knew each other’s life’s almost all the turning points. The old man inspired Bijoy a lot. He became his idol. Not knowing what his name was, what does he do for a living, he still got inspired by him.

Bijoy starts to run one day. He wanted to get a new addiction. And according to him, running is a better addiction to start with. After his run, he reached his daily spot. Actually, their daily spot. He was a few minutes early. He waited for the old man to come from his cycling round. He wanted to ask the old man about his plan to propose the girl he has a crush on since months. He wanted it to be perfect. The old man didn’t turn up today. He was worried. Worried about his health, but he knew no where to ask about him. Blaming the weather and related diseases and hoping his old-man-friend is fine he leaves to start for the day.

The next day Bijoy reaches their spot on the same time. He wants to tell how perfect last evening went. He wants to tell him that his plan was inspired by the way the old man asked his girl out. He wants to tell him about the girl. He wants to thank him to push him to talk to the girl who made him smile for no reason. But, today too the old man didn’t turn up. Bijoy got worried more. He wanted to talk to him badly. Today, he starts his day a bit late. Before that he goes on a hunt to find the old man. But, in vain. He has no clue, nor did find any.

The next day Bijoy reaches their spot early than usual assuming the old man leaving early. Today he wants to tell him about his girl and her late grandpa. How he finds him in her grandpa. He wants to tell him that he would bring her here to meet his friend. He wants to tell him about his promotion. Today, his hunt goes a bit longer. He manages to paint a sketch of him from his memories. Thanks to the painter in the banker.

Days goes by. He still didn’t find a clue about the old man. No one among the morning people there has seen him! No one knew where he came from. The police wouldn’t believe old man’s disappearance as for them, he never appeared! Bijoy still didn’t lose hope of finding him.

One weekend he invites his girlfriend on dinner at his home. He wanted his parents to meet her. Officially. That day, he gives his mom a holiday from kitchen and cooks. Cooks the recipes the old man had shared hoping she would like them. His girlfriend arrives. They sit and chat. She got along well with his parents. That was a positive sign. They sit to have dinner. The chef Bijoy serves the food. Food is delicious. Everyone seems flattered. Bijoy could feel that she loved the food. He thanks his old-man-friend mentally. After a while suddenly Bijoy saw a tear flowing out of her eye. He wanted to ask why, but not in front of his parents. She avoided eye contact since dinner. After dinner, she asked if she could use the wash room. He felt like she wanted to run away. Not from there, from something. Bijoy takes her to his room. She sees the painting of the old man in his room. All she could ask was
Bijoy, when did you meet my grandpa? When did he teach you to cook? How did you know how he proposed my grandma?


The Best Birthday Eve


Sunday evening. For most of them it is fun filled and most interesting day of the week. Sun is setting and the roads are getting busier. With the rising darkness the lights of the vehicles are brightening the roads. While the youngsters are getting busy to party all night, Nisha is busy preparing dinner for herself. Today, she was alone to have her dinner. Her mom dad and her sister were out of town attending some social function. Nisha loved this solitude. She could make what she wanted, how she wanted without anyone to supervise her. She was just enjoying her favorite music and cooking her favorite dish and her phone rang.
‘Oh no… now who is it.. !‘ She thought to herself. She saw her phone and it was Vikas, her boy friend. They were in a relationship since three years and will marry in a few months.

“Hey Nisha, what you doing? “
“ Hey Vikas. Preparing for dinner. We just hanged on ! now what’s the matter ?”
“I forgot to say you something !”
Nisha was getting irritated. As her soup was waiting for her
“And what is that?”
“It is.. That, I Love You”
No. Nisha didn’t melt by him saying it. She was just more irritated. Because it was the fourth time he was calling to say the same thing. She was just wondering what was wrong with him and the door bell rang. Now, her irritation could turn into anger.
“Hang on Vikas. There is someone on the door.”
“It’s me only. Open soon.”
“What ?”
And she threw her phone on the sofa and went to open the door.
Yes. She was glad that atleast there is something special about the evening. As she opened the door, she couldn’t believe what she saw. It was her  Mom, Dad, Sister, Vikas and  her three special friends at the door. And they screamed and/or sang with blasting balloons in their hands

“Happy Birthday to You.”

All were bathroom singers. But if Nisha were the judge of any singing competition, She would have made them winners for this song. She was glad that her birthday evening became a special one. She was wondering about her parent’s social function, Vikas’s urgent international meeting and her friends’ having some seminar to attend. Well, now she understood their silly explanations. But she loved this. This surprise. ‘It was all your dad’s plan’ whispered Vikas in her ears.
She looked at her dad. He was smiling. And was looking happy. She looked this his ‘I-know-nothing-look’. Her mom, sister and her friends huuged her. Her friends, Ritesh, Jay and Akanksha. They were her lifeline. She loved her Friends’s this ‘See-we-finally-surprised-you’ look.

They all came in. Nisha cut the cake. Everyone loved the soup she made. And then they ordered for some dinner. Had it. Then, Vikas switched on the music player, loud and loaded with party songs, to dance. Vikas loved the dancing Nisha. She always danced forgetting everything around her. Everyone was dancing, having a great time. Nisha was not yet tired of dancing and suddenly something happened.
Before could Nisha realize what’s happening, she heard her phone ringing. It was ringing since long may be she thought. It was Six pm on her phone. It was Vikas on call.
“Wake up my BabyDoll. You are sleeping since long. And I want to eat the soup you are going to make !”

Nisha was then looking at her parent’s photo on the wall. She said, “Thanks dad, for planning the best birthday atleast in my dreams.”

Jogger’s Love


It is 6.30 in the morning. Sun is growing big. Winter is saying bye and summer is saying hello. Cool breeze and warm sun making it pleasureable for morning walk. All the health consious people living nearby the railway parallel road walk along the peaceful road.
Viva is in a hurry. She is late. But, as usual Vaibhav is late. She reached their regular meeting point at sharp 6.30. And he comes a while after she comes. They jog together since months. They both share their birthday, their profession and even their music taste.
“Vaibhav, you are as usual late.!”
“Am sorry mam. Couldn’t wake up on time.”
“Ohho.. chalo, now lets go..”
And they would jog for around 45-50 minutes.  Talking about current issues, movies, songs, their work. Vaibhav and Viva, they both were so compatible for each other that any problem anyone had, the other had a solution ready. Viva knew only about Vaibhav. Nothing about his family or where he lived. So did Vaibhav. He too knew nothing more than she knew about him. Neither did they exchange numbers nor followed each other on any of the social media. The hour they spent in the morning with each other was the only time they spent together. They were each other’s that friend on whom they could rely on for anything.
The next day, she was on time and was waiting for him to turn up. He didn’t come. Waited for other ten minutes, he didn’t turn up yet. She had no contact of him to call or text and ask about how long will he take. So she went for jogging alone. She wanted to talk to him about her dilemma about the design she had made. And lot many other things. The next day too he didn’t turn up. She took an ipod along, for she couldn’t bear the loneliness she felt while jogging without Vaibhav. Waited for long enough, she left for jog. While jogging, she was adjusting the list of songs she wanted hear, she didn’t realize a young man coming in front of her and she banged into him and her ipod slipped from her hands. Before she realized what happened, that young man bent down to pick the ipod only to find it unusable!
“Am so sorry miss. Because I didn’t care to move, you banged with me and your ipod fell to break! ”
” Better be Mr.. Now I will have to jog alone today! ”
” Ohh. If that’s the only issue, I can accompany you miss. If you don’t mind.”

This man, looks quite good, handsome and might not be a bad company, Viva thought to herself. She was badly missing Vaibhav by now. Young man was waiting for her reply and she was lost in her own world. He patted her shoulder and asked again.
” Am just asking to accompany you. I will be in my limits. Answer soon. Am running out of time then. ”
“Okay then. Jog along! ”
“Great. By the way, I am Jay.”
“I am Viva”
They started jogging and talking. Where an hour passed they didn’t realize. And Viva was right. He was not at all a bad company. And then the whole day she found herself thinking about Jay.
The next day again Vaibhav didn’t turn up. She badly wanted to speak to Vaibhav. Especially about Jay.
Then she went forward and saw Jay coming towards her. After, Hi-Hello they started jogging. Jay avoided talking while jogging and so they spoke for a while after the jog. They exchanged numbers and followed each other on social media.
Small talks during the jog then turned into small text chat during the day. And like this fifteen days passed. Wait for Vaibhav first, then jog with Jay and long chat and calls over the phone. She was loving Jay. She loved his way of thinking, their same music taste, similar thoughts and same meaning of life. And now wanted to spend as much as time with him. She wanted to talk to Vaibhav about it and wanted to know how to tell her feelings to Jay. She very much hoped that Vaibhav turn up the next day.
The next day, to her surprise Vaibhav was waiting for her. As soon as she saw him,she ran towards him. She was so glad to see him. And she hugged him. This hug was an unexpected for Vaibhav so he quite lost his balance and to gain the balance he moved a little back. Was confused whether hug her back that tightly or not. He then after lots of thinking just kept his hands on her and patted.
“Where were you Vaibhav?  You have no idea how much I missed you .”
” I am sorry Viva. But I forgot ro inform you about my trip out of town for a fortnight by the company for some boring workshop.! ”
” Oh Vaibhav, wish you had not forgotten. Was so worried about you. And I so wanted to talk to you… ”
Then she told him about her encounter with Jay and about her feelings. She wanted to tell Jay that she loves him but how.
“I love him Vaibhav. And I somewhere deep think that he too loves me. But I don’t know how say! If he doesn’t say, I don’t want to regret later…”
“Just say your feelings. Don’t beat around the bush. Men like to the point talks. And am glad you finally found someone you love.”
“Thank you Vaibhav. Am so happy today. Double happy. You returned and I will say my feelings to Jay.
Come… He must be waiting for me. I want to introduce my best friend to him”
They both walked to Jay abd Viva’s meeting point. To their surprise Jay was waiting there for Viva with flowers in his hands. As Viva saw Jay, she forgot about Vaibhav’s presence and walked towards him. As she came closer, Jay went on his knees and said,
“Miss Viva, I love your simplicity, your beautiful heart, your love. Your caring attitude towards me. To cut long story short, I love you. And want you spend my life with you. Will you? ”
Viva was speechless. She couldn’t say a word. Held his hand and nooded a yes. Jay happily got up and hugged her. And kissed her on her head.
“I Love you as much Jay.”
“I will not allow a frown to come on your face.”
Viva saw forgotten behind Jay and she left his arms and said,
“Jay, I forgot to introduce my best friend with me here. He was the first one to know that I love you so much. Meet Vaibhav.”
And showed her hand in the direction where he was standing.
“There’s no one here Viva.! He might have gone .. not wanting to disturb us I suppose.. ”
“No Jay, he is standing here. Smiling at us. How can’t you see him? ”
And she went closer to Vaibhav to pulled him closer. He wasn’t there!
Jay hugged her tight, thinking she is scared!
The  next day she waited for Vaibhav.  But he never returned. She never saw him again.