The Old-man-Friend


When stars are losing their glitter to the morning sky, there is a star which is adding colours to the sky. Yes, it is only because of the arrival of the sun the stars of the night sky loses their glory. It is like life. We can’t see two different phases or feeling at one same time. When the sun is filling colours to the sky, the colours which inspires many artistes to create something new, the stars hides behind the day sky preparing for new stories to tell in the next phase of night. It is like life. We are always preparing to do well the next day.

One morning, like everyday Bijoy is preparing. Preparing to be healthy and fit. He has been walking since a fortnight. After his walk he spends sometime with a old man, his new friend. The old man was as interesting as a mystery to Bijoy. He listens to the old man’s stories about his young days. He tells the old man his stories. In ten days they knew each other’s life’s almost all the turning points. The old man inspired Bijoy a lot. He became his idol. Not knowing what his name was, what does he do for a living, he still got inspired by him.

Bijoy starts to run one day. He wanted to get a new addiction. And according to him, running is a better addiction to start with. After his run, he reached his daily spot. Actually, their daily spot. He was a few minutes early. He waited for the old man to come from his cycling round. He wanted to ask the old man about his plan to propose the girl he has a crush on since months. He wanted it to be perfect. The old man didn’t turn up today. He was worried. Worried about his health, but he knew no where to ask about him. Blaming the weather and related diseases and hoping his old-man-friend is fine he leaves to start for the day.

The next day Bijoy reaches their spot on the same time. He wants to tell how perfect last evening went. He wants to tell him that his plan was inspired by the way the old man asked his girl out. He wants to tell him about the girl. He wants to thank him to push him to talk to the girl who made him smile for no reason. But, today too the old man didn’t turn up. Bijoy got worried more. He wanted to talk to him badly. Today, he starts his day a bit late. Before that he goes on a hunt to find the old man. But, in vain. He has no clue, nor did find any.

The next day Bijoy reaches their spot early than usual assuming the old man leaving early. Today he wants to tell him about his girl and her late grandpa. How he finds him in her grandpa. He wants to tell him that he would bring her here to meet his friend. He wants to tell him about his promotion. Today, his hunt goes a bit longer. He manages to paint a sketch of him from his memories. Thanks to the painter in the banker.

Days goes by. He still didn’t find a clue about the old man. No one among the morning people there has seen him! No one knew where he came from. The police wouldn’t believe old man’s disappearance as for them, he never appeared! Bijoy still didn’t lose hope of finding him.

One weekend he invites his girlfriend on dinner at his home. He wanted his parents to meet her. Officially. That day, he gives his mom a holiday from kitchen and cooks. Cooks the recipes the old man had shared hoping she would like them. His girlfriend arrives. They sit and chat. She got along well with his parents. That was a positive sign. They sit to have dinner. The chef Bijoy serves the food. Food is delicious. Everyone seems flattered. Bijoy could feel that she loved the food. He thanks his old-man-friend mentally. After a while suddenly Bijoy saw a tear flowing out of her eye. He wanted to ask why, but not in front of his parents. She avoided eye contact since dinner. After dinner, she asked if she could use the wash room. He felt like she wanted to run away. Not from there, from something. Bijoy takes her to his room. She sees the painting of the old man in his room. All she could ask was
Bijoy, when did you meet my grandpa? When did he teach you to cook? How did you know how he proposed my grandma?


Pale But Beautiful Smile


“And this way the Princess smartly got rid of the cunning Prince with whom she was going to get married and….”
Baa was telling story to us. Like always, we fell asleep in the middle of the story itself.
“Baa, the kids are asleep. You too must be tired.”
Came in my mom, her elder daughter-in-law, seeing us sleeping and Baa was still telling the story.
“Oh… I didn’t realize they all slept. Give me a glass of water beta(child), I am thirsty.”
“Here is your water and your medicine. You forget your medicine daily.”
“Thank you beta. You are there to remind me. So, I don’t worry about my medicines. You must be tired. You must go to sleep now.”
“Yes Baa. Love you. Good night.”
“Love you too beta. Good night.”
This was almost every night’s time table. We used to sleep listening to her stories. We always used to ask her,

“Baa, you know so many stories. You tell us different story every day. How many stories you know?”
“I don’t know how many stories I know” was the answer we got every time.

My Baa. No sorry, our Baa. Our Grandma. The most beautiful person on earth I have seen. Yes, she had seen her part of struggles of life, she never complained. Yes, never. I learned to not to complain about anything from her. We grew up listening stories she spoke, she heard and she lived. She always said to me, complaining won’t be a solution to your problem.

When ever she used to go to our uncle’s place for a few days even, I used to not like my day without her. Now, it is a year since I last saw her. Alive. I remember every moment I spent with her, I feel very bad for the few times I spoke rudely to her. I miss those games we played. I miss that wrinkled face with a charm, a glow. They say our home is heaven even if one of the family member is heaven. If this is true, then our home is surely a heaven. With this post, I just want to thank to god to allow me to grow with the most beautiful lady on earth.

It was a year ago, when one day she suddenly woke up from her sleep. She felt uneasy. She said she couldn’t breathe. We made her sit up. Did everything that could make her feel better. Nothing helped. Soon we made preparations to take her to the hospital. I could see some strange fear in her eyes when she was asking me, ‘What is happening to me? ‘. I still remember that look, that fear in her eyes. With in few minutes she was taken to the hospital. When she returned, she was sleeping, peacefully. No worries on her face, pale but beautiful smile.

We miss you very much Baa…