Taming the Tyre!


For him Mondays were love.
Not because he didn’t like the Sundays
Filled with fun, games and friends.
Not because he didn’t like the Saturdays
Filled with zero period, cousins and mayhem.
Not because he didn’t like the weekdays
Filled with friends, homework and games.
For him Mondays were love.
Because he loved the game of numbers.
He loved the way he could play with numbers.
He loved the concept of simple interest.
He even lent his pocket money to a gambler
To practically understand the subject.
He loved that he could make so many chairs
From a sheet of wood just like a carpenter.
He loved maths – A game of numbers.
For him Mondays were love.
Monday has two lectures of his fav game.
Today, it was second class of his show;
Today, his fav class didn’t seem same.
His eyes wandered out of the window.
Something was different out of the window.
He saw the beautiful garden of his school;
He saw people working on the new building.
Off Course that new building looked beautiful
With sun glowing on the glittery glass!
Something by the building was more zestful.
He saw a child, few years younger to him,
Playing with a tyre and stick.
Child running behind the rolling tyre,
Holding a stick and hitting the tyre,
Ordering it to keep rolling till that fire.
This child running like a bird,
Kindled a desire to tame a tyre in him.
Interested to know how to tame the tyre
He decided to be friends with the child.
He wanted to run behind the tyre.
He wanted to run on roads like the child.
He wanted to run.
He wanted to just tame the tyre!
The child on the other hand,
Wanted friends of his own age.
Wanted to run in the garden.
Wanted to go to a school.
Wanted to wear a uniform, socks and shoes.
Wanted to learn to read and write.
He didn’t want to just tame the tyre!


Are you scared to walk with me ?


“I am scared.”
“What ? You are afraid to walk with me ?”
“No. Walking with you never gives me fear. In fact I feel safe and secure with you.”
“Then what scares you ?”
“I am scared that you will fall because of me.”
“You are scared of something that would never happen !”
“Would. See… even you are not sure. It may happen. And you know well that I can’t even bear to think of you falling down.”
“May. Even you are not sure. It is just a FEAR. You know na, what does fear mean?”
“Yes. False/Fantasized Evidences Appearing Real. I know. Still.”
“Look. Even if I fall, I know I will have your hand to pull me up. If you are not walking with me, I will surely fall. Please. I want to live all the dreams with you.”
“I understand that it is just my fear. Still. I can’t risk your ambition with mine. I don’t care if I don’t meet mine, But I want to see you meeting your goal.”

By now, Karan was tired of consoling Neha that nothing WILL go wrong if they are together. But Neha was scared. Scared that her illness would kill her any time. And feared about his low strength without her. And so, she wanted Karan to stay away from her. She wanted to see him strong, wanted him to gain the strength where she made him weak, wanted him to learn to live without her.

On the other hand Karan. He wanted to spend every possible moment with Neha. He wanted to love her fully for the few days or months or even years left with her. He wanted to live life at least with her till the days she is. He hadn’t even thought of a world without her. He has grown up with her, never went to school even without her. He never had  imagined a day without giving a good morning kiss to her. And now Neha was asking him to stay away. He couldn’t understand why she was doing this. And she couldn’t explain.

As rule says, one cannot win an argument with girls, Karan too gave up for time being. He was getting late for his meeting with the staff members. The orientation meeting. It was the first meeting of the few staff members of the dream school Karan was building up since 2 years. He was just a few steps away from his dream. Right now the meeting was important. As from next week the admission process of kid were going to start. So he Had to leave.

“Okay fine. Do as you wish. But do let me know when you need me. You know very well that how important you are for me.”

She said nothing. And Karan was leaving. He started to walk towards the school. Waiting for her to call back and walk with her to school. His wait didn’t end. He couldn’t walk further. But had to walk. As now, the school was not only his dream but her hard work too. So, he walked towards the school. Even the cold and beautiful weather felt like bitter for him. A glance on a couple of his age walking hand in hand ahead of him made him almost cry. He couldn’t handle it. He walked slower. Very slow. After a 10 minute walk to school, he was overjoyed to see Neha waiting at the entrance gate for him.

“What took you so long to walk here? It is not even 500 meters.”

“I was thinking what would happen to me if you weren’t waiting here. For me.”

She then made an unsaid promise to him ‘To walk with him till she can.’

He never asked her a why and she never needed to say why.